Lopifit arrangement | Strolling through the dunes

Our Lopifit packages in the area of ​​Egmond aan Zee, Bergen and Heemskerk have been carefully put together for a fun day out. Of course it is also possible to put together a ‘tailor-made’ package that is tailored to the group composition, available time or budget.

Strolling through the dunes

Lovely on the Lopifit to “Gasterij de Kruisberg” in Heemskerk with a mapped out route (Bicycle knot). The entire route goes through the beautiful dune area (dune ticket is mandatory and is not included in this package).

Start at Lopifit For You with coffee/tea and something delicious from the bakery.

Then instruction/practice and then make the beautiful dune route to Heemskerk. If you are lucky, you will encounter wild horses and Scottish Highlanders along the way…

At Gasterij de Kruisberg you can enjoy lunch or a drink (not included in this package).

In short, enjoy a unique experience with a mapped out route (Bicycle knot) through the beautiful dune area of ​​North Holland on the Lopifit with family, friends or colleagues? Nice snack and drink in a great location in the middle of the woods and lots of fun?

Then you can look back on a unique Lopifit experience? And say: ‘Luckily we still have the photos…’

Included in this package

  • Warm welcome with coffee / tea and something delicious from the bakery
  • Rent Lopifit (4 hours)
  • Explanation and Instruction Lopifit
  • Completely mapped out route to Gasterij de Kruisberg (Bicycle junction)
  • Razor-sharp digital group photo

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Make the ride even more fun and choose extras

Complete your Lopifit outing with a richly filled picnic basket. Carefully composed and prepared daily with fresh products. The baskets are fully equipped with tablecloths, crockery, cutlery and napkins and can be ordered directly when booking.


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Coffee deluxe package

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Drinks basket

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